Food & Wine

What will I do during the activities ?

  • Learn the vocabulary of the food and wine industries; describe and explain the savors of a French speciality; learn how to speak about the wine and their aromas; explain the tastes, etc,

  • Discover the sacred places of Gastronomy and Oenology (study of wine) and meet the experts in the field ;

  • Learn the French culture thanks to an increased knowledge of French food and wine ;

  • Improve your level of French while you have fun !



All of our activities are accompanied by a progressive and fun, easy to understand booklet adapted to your French level. It will permit you to enrich your knowledge in the French language. BLF wants to emphasize that the educational booklets are elaborated by the professors who have a French university diploma in Français Langue Etrangère (FLE), which is a professor of French as a Foreign Language.

The schedules (click on the images to enlarge) below are the property of Bonjour la France—BLF and are not set in stone. The activities can be varied depending upon the weather conditions or the current events in the city of Paris, and are regularly updated by our professors.


Want to join our immersion courses alone, with your friends or your family ?

Create your own experience by choosing the formula that best fits your needs and desires !

2 hours à la carte*

From 55/ pers.
  • Solo : 139€
  • Duo : 75€ per person
  • For 3 persons or more : 55€ per person
  • Without lodging

10 hours à la carte*

From 250/ pers.
  • Solo : 520€
  • Duo : 320€ per person
  • For 3 persons or more : 250€ per person
  • Without lodging

A day - 6 hours*

From 170/ pers.
  • Solo : 350€
  • Duo : 220€ per person
  • 3 persons or more : 170€ per person
  • Includes : courses and snacks (lunch not included)
  • Without lodging

A week - 22 hours*

From 850/ pers.
  • Solo : 1490€
  • Duo : 990€ per person
  • 3 persons or more : 850€ per person
  • Includes : courses, activities, admission fees, transportation and a small gift
  • Lodging in option (ask for a quote)

*To remain exclusive, our groups are composed of 6 people maximum (for large groups or any particular request, do not hesitate to contact us).