1. Before your arrival

We are easy to contact, we keep track of your application and we can assess your level of French, with a quality evaluation.

After having chosen the formula and the options which please you, there remain only 2 steps: first, fill out the registration form and respond to the simple questionnaire which will permit the professors to evaluate your knowledge of French. This aspect is free of charge. Once your dossier has been initially validated by our team, we invite you to proceed to the second stage, for payment.

The amount that will remain to be paid is explained below : 

  • For the trips of one week

The total payment should be paid at minimum one month before the beginning of your trip to avoid risk of your reservation being cancelled.

  • For the formulas of one day or a half day :

The total payment for the half day or the full day trips should be paid at minimum of 15 days before your trip, at risk of your reservation being cancelled.

For more details, consult our General Conditions of Sale.

General Conditions of Sale

2. The day of your arrival

Our team will follow you during your trip.

  • For the one week packages

  1. The day of your arrival

Your professor and a member of our commercial team will make contact with you for confirming your arrival in Paris.

We will verify with your host family when you arrive, if you chose this option.

  1. First day of your course

A small welcome lunch in the presence of all the travelers will permit to present and start your stay in the best conditions. BLF will provide to you the detailed schedule and how it will unroll, precisely to the activities of your trip. Will will provide a brochure summing up all of the best places to go during your stay in Paris.

  1. Your week

To see your schedule (our formulas from the menu) 

  1. Last day

Departure drink and official ceremony to give you your new diplomas

  • For the formulas of a half day and a full day

  1. Make contact 48 hours before your reservation

Your reference professor and a member of the BLF team will confirm your participation and will provide you with the schedule of your day as well as the hour and the site of your initial meeting.

  1. The day of linguistic activity.

The professor will give you all of the material which you will eventually need to begin your activity.

In case of any delay in arrival or problem, for any cause, please tell your professor in advance—-it is imperative

Finally, no matter what your choice in formula to study in Paris, your professor of reference, as well as a member of our team, will stay at your availability to respond to your questions during all the duration of your trip with BLF. Do not worry, our team speaks French, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish !


3. The lodging for your stay

We have selected for your the comfortable lodging of the welcoming hosts.

Our team proposes for you the selected rooms amidst 3 criteria: the location, the comfort and the host!

In fact, we have done our best to find lodging the best possible situation for exploring Paris while limiting the travel time between your professor and your cultural activities.

The lodgings are always a room independent with access to a private toilet or shared as well as a kitchen of the host family. You can also prepare your meals at the house if you wish. Depending upon the availabilities, your host can be pleased to exchange conversation with you and share a drink or a
dinner at the apartment. If you wish to share the same bedroom of an apartment with another traveler BLF, thank you to ask us at the moment of your online reservation.

To live at the house of a local is the best way to delve into the language and the culture of a country !


4. Leave us your impressions

We hope that you will see us another time !

You were tempted to try the adventure of BLF and afterwards you wish to leave us your comments ?

Then, do not hesitate to leave us a short message on our FB account or Instagram or you can also contact our team at this address : bonjourlafrance.blf@gmail.com ! Our goal is to always improve, and all of your comments are very precious to us.

Thank you and we will see you soon !